Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thank you, Mortensens!

November 2014
Depart Urdaneta Mission

On November 10, 2014, President and Sister Mortensen completed their mission. Almost 2 years ago, they arrived in the Baguio Mission and transitioned with us to the newly-created Philippines Urdaneta Mission when the Baguio Mission was split. They touched the lives of so many people as they lifted and inspired the members, including children, young adults and leaders in the districts and stakes of the Urdaneta Mission. They were a great support to us and the missionaries. President Mortensen served as the 1st Counselor in the mission presidency and as Supply Manager in the mission office. Sister Mortensen served as Mission Secretary. They had many responsibilities, especially during transfer weeks, and they fulfilled those responsibilities diligently and cheerfully. We know they are enjoying the sweet reunion with family and friends. We love them and will miss them....'till we meet again.

"My Three Words"

 Mortensens with President and Sister Monahan

 Mortensens and Shamrells 
Elder and Sister Shamrell are the new office couple

 Sister Mortensen, Sister Monahan and Sister Shamrell

Urdaneta Mission Presidency 
President Mortensen, President Monahan and President Franco

December 2012
Arrival in the Baguio Mission

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