Friday, January 30, 2015

What is the Book of Mormon?

This video was created by three returned missionaries. It answers the important question....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

December 2014 Arriving Missionaries

December was certainly a busy month. Part of the excitement was when we welcomed 17 new missionaries, four of whom are from the India New Dehli Mission. Those four elders have been temporarily assigned to Urdaneta Mission while awaiting their visas to return to India. 
Meet our new batch of missionaries...
 Front:  Sister Arnonobal, Sister Antenorcruz, Sister Tupou, Sister Talaroc-Kaniho and Sister Bohol
Center:  Elder Manarpiis, Elder Savage*, Elder Panzo, Elder Raguin, Elder Gabriel and Elder Sanchez
Back:  Elder Fried*, Elder Dahle, Elder Brown, Elder Andrews*, Elder Polley* and Elder Tanner
(*Elders from India New Dehli Mission)
New batch with President and Sister Monahan

 The missionaries awoke early to board the bus to Urdaneta. They arrived a little tired and very hungry. 

 Time for spiritual food.

 New missionaries worked with missionaries in Urdaneta Zone.

Transfer Day
New missionaries with their Trainers...

After meeting their trainers, all the missionaries prepared to leave for their new areas.

Monday, January 12, 2015

December 2014 Departing Missionaries

Transfers were the week after Christmas Zone Conferences. The week began on Tuesday, with the departing missionaries arriving with all their luggage. It's fun to watch their excitement as they recheck the weight of their bags, interact with each other and take lots of pictures. President Monahan and I view this scene with mixed emotions. We are proud of their growth and accomplishments as missionaries and disciples of Christ, but we will miss them as they leave the mission field. 
 December 2014 Departing Batch
Front row: Sister Sumagpao, Sister Tapar and Sister Dela Cruz
Center row:  Sister Adasme, Sister Carr, Sister Talk, and Sister Kinikini
Back row:  Elder Corpuz, Elder Magbanua, Elder Sikat and Elder De Guzman
Departing batch, joined by President and Sister Monahan

Career Workshop
 The departing missionaries attended a Career Workshop taught by Elder and Sister Bell
 They received help in preparing resum├ęs and many other life and job-related skills. 
They practiced meeting employers and learned how to represent themselves in a job interview.
 Elder and Sister Bell (back, left) enjoyed pizza with the missionaries

Departure Day
                                                                                                             Sister Baluyot, RM, stopped by to visit :)
                                                                  Sister Adasme                                        Sister Kinikini

                                                                      Sister Talk                                         Sister Dela Cruz

                                                                    Sister Carr                                             Sister Tapar

                                                                  Sister Sumagpao                                     Elder Corpuz

                                                                Elder Magbanua                                     Elder De Guzman

                                                                   Elder Sikat                                      Behind the scenes :)

Testimony Meeting and Luncheon
                                                                                                               Elder Uhi, Assistant, was our pianist
                                                                                                                     for the Testimony Meeting

We loved meeting Elder Corpuz' family when they came to pick him up

At the bus terminal in Dagupan....
 'Till we meet again....