Saturday, November 1, 2014

September 2014 Arriving Missionaries

In September we received 25 new elders and sisters, 
our largest batch since Urdaneta Mission was created July 1, 2013.
Welcome, Elders and Sisters!
Front row: Elder Smith, Elder Dromey, Elder DaBell, Elder Howell, and Elder Cox
2nd row: Sister Nolido, Sister Puntal, Sister Untong, Sister Macahilig, Sister Cuenca, and Sister Obtingga
3rd row:  Elder Serion, Sister Laulu, Sister Sauvao, Sister Gotang, Sister Zarred, Sister Teutau and Elder Tomas
Back row:  Elder Lumanog, Elder Dela Gracia, Elder Ramundo, Elder Uri, Elder Gueverra, Elder Manuel and Elder Ah Hong

We met the missionaries at the bus stop in Urdaneta
We brought the luggage to the mission office, then walked next door to the mission home
Lunch time....take out from KFC

The new missionaries were able to work with missionaries in Urdaneta Zone. 
They loved it! Then they all met for dinner guessed it--KFC. 
None seemed to mind eating KFC food again because they were pretty tired.

 After the elders and sisters had a good night's rest in missionary apartments,
 they returned to the mission home for an orientation.
 Time for KFC today :) 
President Monahan finished interviewing the rest of the missionaries after lunch. 
They enjoyed another opportunity to go on appointments with companions in the Urdaneta Zone.

 Dinner at Chow King

Trainers for September 2014 Batch

 Sisters and their trainers

 Elders and their trainers

New Missionaries and Trainers

The following pictures were taken on Transfer Day and New Missionary Training (a week later).

**I'm so thankful to have the internet working again! More posts will follow as the internet cooperates.  :)

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