Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 2013 - Transfer Day

Transfer Day! New missionaries look forward to meeting their trainers and getting to their areas to work!
 New Missionaries and Their Trainers

 Elders and their Trainers (Trainers are standing behind their companions)

Sisters and their Trainers (I think you can figure out who the companions are)   :o)

They all get ready to travel to their areas....but first, a few pictures.
Some missionaries travel by car, some by bus, some by jeepney and others by "tryke" (with side car).

Now, get those emails, cards, and Dear Elder letters coming....packages are pretty fun, too.
Expect emails from your missionaries on Monday, P-day.

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October 2013 - New Missionaries

It's always an exciting day in the mission when new missionaries arrive.  Keep in mind as you view the pictures below that the missionaries who come to us from the Provo MTC are pretty tired from their day and a half of travel and lack of sleep. The missionaries from the Manila MTC are equally as tired because they wake up between 3 and 4 a.m. to prepare for their travel to the mission. At the end of the day they all go to bed early to catch up on their sleep so they will be rested for Transfer Day.

October 2013 Incoming Batch
 (L-R) Front Row: Sisters Vandiver, Gregory, Lau, Chancellor, Roberts, Gustafson, Brown and Finau
        Middle Row:  Sisters Fronk, Romano, Yakana, Laulu, Wong Kee, Saniel, Sarte and Santa
        Back Row:  Elders Lamb, Divver, Borrogo, Evangelista and Mailata

President and Sister Monahan (back row, left) with our newest missionaries

Yes, you counted correctly--16 sisters.  Our largest number of incoming sisters so far!

Our 5 incoming elders are the fewest number we have received in a new batch....few in number, but large in spirit!

Arriving off the bus......
 We were thankful for the "ELDER" power to lift all the heavy luggage!

Lunch time....

Time for interviews with President Monahan and just a "little bit" of paperwork.
                                                   Oh, and did I mention nap time?

Dinner time.....
 The Assistants and Office Elders are always "Happy to Serve!"

The end of a long day.....
 The elders wait patiently for their ride to the elders' "Big House" where they will get some much-needed rest.  :)