Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 2014 Departing Batch

As each missionary began arriving at the mission office on their day of departure, I could see expressions of excitement and anticipation on their faces--much like the day they arrived in the mission. It seems as though we were just welcoming these elders and sisters to the mission field and now their 2 years or 18 months of full-time service has come to an end. They have served well and are returning with honor to their families and friends. We know they will continue doing missionary work and sharing the gospel. Elders Singh and Stevens have received their visas and will continue their missions in India. We love them and wish them well in their future endeavors.
 Front row: Elder Macabenta, Elder Flores, Elder Wilkes and Elder Marafina
Center row: Sister Opeda, Sister Sites, Sister Hansen, Sister Aruwititi and Sister Va'enuku
Back row: Elder Wait, Elder Hannemann, Elder Stevens, Elder Singh and Elder Mauga

                                                                Sister Va'enuku                                      Sister Hansen

                                                                 Sister Opeda                                            Sister Sites

                                                                 Sister Aruwititi                                        Elder Wait

                                                                Elder Hannemann                                    Elder Wilkes

                                                                   Elder Flores                                       Elder Macabenta

                                                                  Elder Marafina                                       Elder Mauga

                                                                   Elder Singh                                          Elder Stevens
They have received their visas and will return to their missions in India

 Gathering at the mission home for testimony meeting
                                                   Elders Mahayahay and Hansen
We ate a delicious lunch, prepared by Sister Carol 

 On our way to the bus station 
 Elder Macabenta, former Assistant, usually drives the van when we take 
missionaries to the bus station. This time, he gets to be a passenger.

 Till we meet again....

We had the pleasure of meeting the families of three departing missionaries :)
 Sister Opeda's family 

 Elder Wilkes' family

Elder Hannemann's family

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