Monday, September 15, 2014

August 2014 Arriving Missionaries

We welcomed a new batch of missionaries, including two elders from a mission in India who were required to leave India after their first year, then reapply for a visa to finish their mission. We are happy to have Elders Stevens and Singh for as long as it takes to receive their new visa.
 Front row:  Elder Quevedo, Elder Capate, Sister Ufau, Sister Vanisi, Sister Toai, Elder Bermejo, Elder Morales
Center row:  Elder McBride, Elder Trout, Elder Garate, Elder Martindale, Elder Cerbolles, Elder Chan
Back row:  Elder Tippets, Elder Hillman, Elder Stevens, Elder Singh, Elder Laulu, Elder Mikaele
Sisters and Elders in front of the mission home

 Arriving at the bus stop in Urdaneta
 Filling out paperwork for their files

 Extra tables were set up at the mission home for lunch
 Waiting to interview with President Monahan
 After the tables are put away, we gather for an orientation meeting

Transfer day
Trainers for new batch

 New missionaries with their Trainers

 Two weeks later we met with the new batch for New Missionary Training

The other sisters and elders left before I could take their pictures

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Typhoon Kalmaegi (Luis)

It's Monday afternoon and the power is back on in Urdaneta. Apparently, the barangay of San Vicente (where the mission office and mission home is located) had a broken power line that has now been repaired. Typhoon Luis has moved out to sea. We still have some clouds hanging around, but all is well! 

As of Monday, 8:30 a.m., the rain and winds have passed, with the exception of Alaminos Zone. Alaminos is still experiencing some winds and rain in a few areas. All missionaries remained in their apartments this morning and zone leaders have been given a "go" to carry on with P-day activities later this morning if all is safe. Urdaneta City has been without electricity since Sunday evening; we expect power to be restored before the end of the day. Internet service is spotty in some areas throughout the mission, so if your missionary is not successful in sending their emails today, they will try again tomorrow.

SUNDAY EVENING, September 14.... The effects of Typhoon Kalmaegi (Luis) have been felt in the Urdaneta Mission throughout Sunday into the evening. All missionaries have reported in and are safe. We've had thunderstorms and rain all day from the typhoon that made landfall in northern Luzon. There have been flooding and power outages in some areas from the heavy rain and strong winds. We expect to receive rain through Monday morning as Typhoon Luis moves out toward the West Philippine Sea and makes its way toward southern China. We will keep in touch with our missionaries during this time. Please don't worry if you do not receive an email from your missionary at the time you were expecting it. You should receive an email within the next day or two, as we make sure it is safe to travel in all areas. Thank you for your trust and your prayers. 
President and Sister Monahan