Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 2015 Arriving Missionaries

Welcome, March 2015 Batch!!
Front row:  Elder Bruno, Elder Fairbank, Elder Sta. Maria, *Elder Jakosalem
Center row: Sister Colata, Sister John, Sister Arquiola, *Sister Marcos, Sister Jenkins, Sister Smith
Back row:  Elder Gates. Elder Lucenta, Elder Apor, Elder Rivera, *Elder Estipona, Elder Eyler, Elder Davis
*These three missionaries are temporarily assigned to Urdaneta while they await their visas 

 Arrival day in the mission...

 Elders and Sisters filled out papers for the mission office, then ate lunch from KFC

 Elder Gates, Elder Eyler and Elder Davis helped wash and dry the utensils

 After lunch and some training from President Monahan and the Assistants, 
Sister Monahan drove the sisters to Villasis to work with the sisters in that area.

 The next morning we met at the mission home for Orientation

 We had Shakey's pizza for lunch

 Then we drove to Villasis and the sisters had the opportunity to work in that area again.

The new elders worked in and around Urdaneta with elders from those areas.
 Transfer Day--New Elders with their Trainers
The elders left for lunch before I could get individual pictures of their companionships.
The Trainers are sitting or standing behind the new missionaries.

 New Sisters with their Trainers

Sister Jenkins and Sister Navarro           Sister John and Sister Mamaia  
       Sister Colata and Sister Laulu              Sister Paningbatan and Sister Smith
       Sister Jimenez and Sister Marcos      Sister Macahilig and Sister Arquiola
 The trykes were loaded with luggage, and the sisters were ready to go to their new areas.

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 2015 Departing Missionaries

As the missionaries began arriving at the mission office on departure day, there were plenty of smiles, tears, hugs, picture-taking and lots of luggage--everywhere! We expected all these things from this, our largest, departing batch. We chartered a bus that would take all the missionaries and their luggage from the mission office directly to the Manila Temple. During the morning, those that would be flying home weighed their suitcases to be sure they were within the weight restrictions. Some had to leave a few carefully-selected items behind to make room for more treasured things. President Monahan and I observed the final preparations these elders and sisters made before leaving the mission field; the tender feelings we have toward these valiant disciples of Christ are priceless.                                  (Click any picture to enlarge and view a slide show.)
March 2015 Departing Batch
We love you!
Front row: Elder Mortensen, Elder Johnson, Elder Panhilason, Elder Maravilla
2nd row: Sister Wong Kee, Sister Santa, Sister Lau, Sister Fronk, Sister Galos, Sister Belaro, Sister Yakana
3rd row: Sister Brown, Sister Gregory, Sister Laulu, Sister Gustafson, Sister Chancellor, Sister Vandiver, Sister Finau
Back row; Elder Christensen, Elder Saquilabon, Elder Walker, Elder Uhi, Elder Ponce, Elder Bigelow, Elder Carullo
President Monahan was standing behind me to my left as I was taking the group photo. 
I'm not sure what he did to cause the missionaries to break into laughter...
no one would tell me. My guess is he gave me "bunny ears."  :)

Getting ready for our Testimony meeting...
After Testimony meeting, Sister Shamrell gave departing 
missionaries their packets and explained the contents.
Then, time for a nice lunch...
 The Final Hand-off...
As Elder Uhi neared the "finish line," he passed the keys to 
the new Assistant, Elder Giblette, before boarding the bus.

'Till we meet again...