Saturday, March 22, 2014

February 2014 Mission Leadership Council

Our wonderful Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders
    Front Row: (L-R) STLs - Sisters Viquerra, Leuluai, Stokes, Alvaro, Valera, Velasco, Merrill and Briones
    2nd Row:  Assistants: Elders Dearing and Tijap, ZL-Elder Carullo, President and Sister Monahan, ZLs-Elders ViriƱa, Fresnoza and Wilkes
    3rd Row:  ZLs- Elders Mahayahay, Torres, Falcon, Diaz, Sikat, Catt, Swenson, and Gojo Cruz
    Back Row:  ZLs- Elders Kauer, Adams, Terry, Barney, Tiempo, Savage, Uhi and Perkins

February 2014 Arriving Missionaries

We received our smallest batch yet, with two elders and no sisters. After their interviews, pictures and orientation, they had the opportunity to pair up with two of the Urdaneta Zone companionships and teach in the areas near the mission office. It isn't possible to do this with large batches.  We welcome these new elders as they begin serving the Lord with all their "heart, might, mind and strength..."

February 2014 Batch
Elder Garcia and Elder Lat

New missionaries and their trainers:
Elder Gomitas, Elder Garcia, Elder Lat and Elder Saquilabon

New Missionary Training

Friday, March 21, 2014

February 2014 Departing Missionaries

As another batch of departing missionaries began arriving at the mission office, feelings of excitement and anticipation were in the air--and a little sadness for President Monahan and me. We love these wonderful missionaries and will miss seeing them in the Urdaneta Mission. At the same time, we know they have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Atonement and we pray they will continue to be a powerful influence for good in all their endeavors.

February Departing Batch
(L-R) Elder Savage, Elder Barney, Elder Tiempo, Elder Policarpio, Elder Udani, Elder Dela Cruz, Sister Alvaro, Sister Bonifacio and Sister Leuluai.

Elder Policarpio                                      Elder Udani

Elder Tiempo                                      Elder Dela Cruz

Elder Barney                                           Sister Alvaro

Sister Bonifacio                                      Sister Leuluai

The elders helped put shelves together for President Mortensen who is the Mission Supply Manager and 1st Counselor in the mission presidency.

At the mission home, the sisters took a little break after preparing the tables for lunch.

After their work was finished outside, the elders were happy to enjoy the cool air in the mission office while waiting for their interviews.

We gathered at the mission home for a testimony meeting.  Afterward, Sister Mortensen, Mission Office Secretary, gave the missionaries their envelopes that she had lovingly prepared for them.

We had a nice lunch before getting the luggage in the vehicles and preparing to leave for the bus station in Dagupan.

Sister Alvaro's family came to the mission office to pick her up. They were so excited to see her!

    Arriving at the bus station.                                                       

January 2014 Arriving Missionaries

We welcomed a small, but powerful, batch of elders during the January 2014 transfer week. Four elders arrived during transfer week, then a fifth elder arrived two weeks later after recovering from a medical procedure. We held our Train the Trainers meeting the day before the elders arrived. The new elders were given the opportunity to work in the field the very afternoon they arrived. The four elders went on splits with elders in the Urdaneta Zone. It was good experience for them and introduced them to members and investigators in the areas near the mission home.
 January 2014 Batch
(L-R) Elder Marco, Elder Palangan, Elder Carfielo, Elder Cristobal, Elder Tan
 President and Sister Monahan with the first four elders
Elder Marco, Elder Tan, Elder Carfielo, Elder Cristobal
(Elder Palangan arrived 2 weeks later)

Trainers for January 2014 Batch
Elder Johnson, Elder Alajar, Elder Atun, Elder McDonald, Elder Christensen

 The new elders are patiently waiting for their interviews with President Monahan

 Waiting for lunch at the mission home

                                               A little nap before Orientation Meeting

 Transfer Day
First four elders with their trainers standing behind them