Monday, April 14, 2014

March 2014 Leadership Council Meetings

 Mission Leadership Council

Sister Monahan with the Sister Training Leaders

District Leadership Council

Welcome Elder and Sister Roberts

On the last day of our zone conferences in March, a new senior missionary couple arrived. We are so blessed to have Elder and Sister Roberts in the Urdaneta Mission. They are from Utah. They will be supporting and working with the members and leaders in the Mangaldan and Calasiao Districts. Even though they have been here only a short time, the members already love them.
 Welcome, Elder and Sister Roberts!!

March 2014 Zone Conferences

Seeing every missionary in the mission within three days is quite exciting. For zone conferences, the mission is divided into two tri-zones and one quad-zone. Members from wards and branches near each church building where we meet help prepare lunch for the missionaries. After training, workshops, and role plays, we all enjoy time to eat, visit, take pictures and celebrate birthdays.  The first Tri-Zone conference was held in Calasiao. The next day, we held another Tri-Zone conference in Dagupan and the final day was our Quad-Zone conference in Urdaneta. Pictures at each conference location are posted separately.

Tri-Zone Conference in Calasiao

MARCH 2014
Bayambang, Calasiao and Mangaldan Zones

 Birthdays in January, February and March

                                                                                                        Our cooks: the R.S. sisters of Calasiao
                                              President Monahan with senior couples,
                                                        the Bells and Shamrells

Tri-zone Conference in Dagupan

MARCH 2014
 Alaminos, Dagupan and Lingayen Zones

 Missionaries with birthdays in January, February and March