Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trainers for September Batch

On the Friday before transfers we met with all the trainers who will be companions to the new missionaries.  Being a trainer to a new missionary is a very important calling and is a responsibility given to the Lord's most trusted disciples. Missionary Trainers set the tone for the new missionary's whole mission experience as they guide them through their first 12 weeks in the mission field. They can influence a missionary for good as they set examples of obedience, diligence and hard work.
                                                                          September 2013 Missionary Trainers

                                                            (L-R)  Front row:  Sisters Augustin, Viquerra, Sites, Morris Cartagena, 
                                                                        Bono, Alibogha, Lim, Edwards and Bonifacio. 
                                                           Back row:  Elders Treanor, Walker, McDonald, Baabo,
                                                                        Maravilla, Carullo, Mahayahay, Moreno, Tijap, and Uhi.
                                                                      The Assistants, Elder Machen and Elder Millevo,
                                                                               teach about dignity and obedience

                                                                      Following the Assistants, President Monahan
                                                                          teaches from the scriptures and PMG

                                                                       After the training, missionaries visit the mission office
                                                                    to get supplies, including pamphlets and Books of Mormon

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