Sunday, May 31, 2015

April 2015 New Missionaries

We were so excited to welcome our new batch of missionaries.....
 Front: Elder Ingalls, Elder Bellosillo, Elder Viti, Elder Baldove, Elder Agad
Back:  Elder Tekurio, Elder Magistrado, Sister Hunt, Sister Volavola, Elder Tekeiaki, Elder Collett

From the bus stop, we went to the mission home for lunch. Then each new missionary had an interview with President Monahan. 
Later in the afternoon, they got to work with some of the missionaries in Urdaneta Zone.

 The next morning we had an orientation and gave each missionary a notebook with lots of important information. 
President Monahan and the Assistants did some training and role plays.
                                                                                                   Assistants: Elders Giblette, Balane and Mahayahay
                                                                                         (Elder Balane is replacing Elder Mahayahay who will be a Trainer)
 We had pizza for lunch before the new missionaries met their companions

Elders and Sisters with their Trainers

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