Sunday, May 31, 2015

April 2015 Departing Missionaries

Elders and Sisters, we thank you for your dedicated service! You have fulfilled your purpose as full-time missionaries of the Lord and you return with honor to your families. We love you!

April 2015 Departing Batch
Front:  Sister Shaw, Sister McLain, Sister Fuimaono, Sister Sarte, Sister Saniel
Back:  Elder Allman, Elder Estrada, Elder Medel, Elder Alajar, Elder Baldovino, Elder Emelio, Elder Garceniego, Elder McDonald, Elder Skinner

                                                                   Sister Saniel                                         Sister McLain

                                                                    Sister Shaw                                           Sister Sarte

                                                                   Sister Fuimaono                                      Elder Alajar

                                                                Elder Garceniego                                       Elder Medel

                                                                 Elder Baldovino                                        Elder Emelio

                                                                  Elder Allman                                          Elder McDonald

                                                                  Elder Skinner                                           Elder Estrada

 After interviews and pictures, we gathered at the mission home for our testimony meeting

 Then we ate a delicious meal that Sister Carol cooked: chicken ala king, chopsuey and rice

I will miss these wonderful sisters

Sister Sarte's family picked her up at the mission office. We enjoyed visiting with them.

 The bus arrived.... time to bid farewell
 'Till we meet again

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