Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 2014 Arriving Missionaries & Transfer Day

We enjoyed welcoming a new batch of missionaries to the Urdaneta Mission. They all seemed happy to finally arrive in the mission field, despite waking up very early and riding a bus from Manila for five hours.
 Front row:  Elder Emit, Elder Baniago, Elder Cailing, Elder Comendador, and Elder Flores
2nd row:  Sister Leyte, Sister Jimenez, Sister Ortega, Sister Areja and Sister Combate
3rd row:  Elder Sharr, Elder Blasabas, Elder MeƱoza, Elder Masacayan, Elder Badoy, Elder Leyva, Elder Bacunana, and Elder Patterson
Back row: Elder Foster, Elder Lind, ElderGungob, Elder Suarez, Elder Sabiano, Elder Johnson, and Elder Cochrane

First day in the mission

Elder Sharr (3rd row, standing behind me & next to President Monahan) is from a
mission in India. After one year, the foreign missionaries must leave India and serve in a 
different mission until they receive their re-entry visa and can return to India. Previous 
missionaries from India have been with us for two transfers before returning to their missions.

 At the bus stop in Urdaneta,
Provo MTC elders were still wearing their suit coats....but not for long. :)

 We went to the mission home for an orientation meeting....
 .....then pizza for lunch.

Transfer Day!
 New sisters with their Trainers

 New elders with their Trainers standing behind them

 (L) Elder Calachan received his call to Sydney, Australia, and will be with us for 
one transfer while he awaits his visa. He reports to the New Zealand MTC in December.
(R) Companions: Elder Saquilabon and Elder Calachan

Can you believe we have this much fun every 6 weeks....
and every day in between!  :)

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