Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014 Departing Missionaries

With mixed emotions we bid farewell to a few of the first elders we welcomed. We actually saw Elders Liston and Terry, and Elder Kauer (who departed in May), while we were at the Provo MTC two years ago. There are tender feelings as President Monahan interviews the missionaries for the last time and we express our love and prayers. These are valiant missionaries who will retain their brightness and become future leaders of the Church.
 July 2014 Departing Batch
Elders Contreras, Viriña, Salvador, Liston, Medallada, Santiago and Terry

                                                                   Elder Terry                                           Elder Liston

                                                                   Elder Medallada                                   Elder Salvador

                                                                    Elder Viriña                                         Elder Santiago

                                                   Elder Contreras

   We gathered at the mission home for testimonies.....and we sang the Urdaneta Mission song

                We had a nice lunch, joined by President & Sister Mortensen, the Assistants and office elders.
President Monahan and I aren't in the pictures, but we got to eat, too!

Sister Mortensen, Mission Secretary, gave final instructions
   Then we were off to the bus station in Dagupan......President Monahan borrowed my pink "sunbrella"

Dagupan zone leaders, Elders Hansen and Maravilla, met us at the bus station to help

                                                                                          A few more goodbyes......

 We had the pleasure of meeting Elder Terry's parents. They met him in Manila and traveled to 
   Urdaneta and other parts of the mission. After two years, I'm sure Elder Terry was the perfect tour guide :)

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