Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 2014 Arriving Missionaries

The Urdaneta Mission celebrates "One Year Old" by welcoming 11 new missionaries....
 Welcome to the July 2014 Batch!
Front row:  Sister Paningbatan, Sister Tan and Sister Ramirez
Back row:  Elders Ortega, Seprioto, Arrieta, Cureg, Isuga, Augustino, Dipla and Ansuban

 We met at the mission home for New Missionary Orientation 

                                                                                                                Elder Macabenta was our pianist

 The new missionaries got to work with some of the missionaries from Urdaneta and Urdaneta North zones
 It was exciting for the new missionaries to meet their Trainers
 New missionaries with their Trainers

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