Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 2015 Departing Missionaries

The feeling was bitter-sweet as President Monahan and I bid farewell to our last departing batch before we finish our mission July 1st. These young missionaries have served diligently and faithfully for 2 years or 18 months. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we welcomed them to the mission. Time has flown by for all of us. Each elder and sister has grown so much in their testimony and love for their Savior. We love them and wish them continued happiness in all their future endeavors. 
June 2015 Departing Batch
Front: Sister Carlos, Sister Navarro, Sister Adan, Sister Molina
Back: Elder Nelson, Elder Mahayahay, Elder Baabo, Elder Shepherd
                                                                  Sister Navarro                                          Sister Molina

                                                                     Sister Adan                                          Sister Carlos

                                                                    Elder Baabo                                        Elder Mahayahay

                                                                   Elder Shepherd                                      Elder Nelson

                                                                    We had our testimony meeting in the mission home
                                                                    Assistants                                          Office couple
                                                       Elders Cox, Balane & Giblette                   Elder and Sister Shamrell
                                       Sister Shamrell explained the contents in the packets the missionaries would be receiving
 We ate a delicious lunch of chicken curry, veggies and rice, cooked by Sister Carol.
Sister Monahan made the missionaries' favorite dessert...graham cake.
We did something different for this batch. We hired two vans instead of a bus.
 Goodbye dear missionaries....'till we meet again.

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