Sunday, February 15, 2015

Senior Couple Retreat - December 2014

The Senior Couple Retreat was held at Camp John Hay, Baguio City. It was nice to spend time with the senior missionary couples during Christmas, enjoying the cool weather in the pines. (Click any picture to enlarge.)
                                                                  Elder and Sister Bell                 Elder and Sister Shamrell
                                                                Elder and Sister Roberts           President and Sister Monahan
                                                  Dinner at The Manor Camp John Hay              Picture with Santa Claus

 Next day, we visited the Cemetery of Negativism, established over 30 years ago 
by the commanding general at Camp John Hay to remind everyone to be more positive. 
Here, they buried negative thoughts, emotions and attitudes. Some of these are pretty funny.

 We walked to the Amphitheater and the Bell House. The house was named for 
Major General J. Franklin Bell who first came to the Philippines in 1898. 
He was commanding general of American forces in the Philippines.

 Day 2, we rented a van with a driver. 
First stop was the Mansion house, summer residence for the President of the Philippines.

 Next stop, Mines View Park
 We followed the newly-constructed pathway to see the view of the mountains...
                                                   The Roberts dressed as Igorot Indians
 Shopping was plentiful
                                                                  Lunch anyone?                     The lady called these "Angry Birds"

Time to brave the traffic again..... on our way to the strawberry fields.

 Besides fields of strawberries, there was broccoli, several varieties of lettuce and beautiful petunias. 

              After a full day of site seeing, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
 Santa found us again :)
We spent Christmas Eve having dinner with our wonderful senior couples. 
What a blessing it is to serve with them.

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