Monday, January 20, 2014

Retreat with the Senior Couples

We were able to spend a couple of days in beautiful Baguio City with our senior missionary couples during Christmas.  Urdaneta Mission has the most awesome and talented senior couples!
President Monahan took my picture and as I was ready to take his picture, a nice man volunteered to take our picture together.  :)

Breakfast with the Bells and Mortensens.

Nativity scene outside the entrance to the hotel. Then, inside we saw the world's idea of the holidays. 

Dinner with the couples:  (L) Mortensens, Monahans, Bells, Shamrells and Stamps.
The next picture is of our former couples who remained with the Baguio Mission when we divided:  
Dinkles and Fullmers, with President & Sister Balledos & family

The scenery from Mines View, on the hill 

The Shamrells (L) and the Mortensens had fun dressing in native costumes

It was a sunny day, so President Monahan wore his hat and sunglasses (in case you didn't recognize him).
On the right, the Three Wise Men in the Nativity.

(L) Breakfast on our last day together.  Notice I am at the way back, so I can't be blamed for not getting everyone in the picture.  
(R) Here we are with the Fullmers (center) and the Mortensens (right).

Our 2-day Retreat was a success. We love the senior couples and are so thankful for their service. They are truly a blessing and we appreciate their sacrifices as they serve the members and missionaries.

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