Monday, December 16, 2013

December 2013 Arriving Missionaries

The new missionaries came in two groups this time. The first group of 16 arrived from the Manila MTC just in time for lunch. The second group, consisting of 3 sister missionaries from the Provo MTC, arrived in the late afternoon.  All were pretty tired. After dinner the first evening, the sisters were taken to the "Sisters' House" and the elders went to the "Big House," where all were encouraged to go to bed early. 

Welcome, Elders and Sisters!!
 Front:  Elder Duante, Elder De La Torre, Elder Del Rosario, Elder Mapute
Center:  Sister Fuimaono, Sister Carlos, Sister Adan, Sister Molina, Sister McLain, Sister Shaw, Sister Navarro, Sister Ramsey
Back:  Elder Taniera, Elder Antonio, Elder Abril, Elder Aldemita, Elder Ponce, Elder Balane, Elder Pacamara


 Time for lunch

Gathering at the mission home for orientation

Afterward, the sisters go on a walk with Sister Monahan while the elders play a game of basketball

Then.....dinner time

 When we walked into the cultural hall with the food, the missionaries were playing a game while singing primary songs
 After dinner, it's back to the Sisters' House and the Big House to prepare for the next day...Transfer Day!

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