Friday, October 25, 2013

Departing Missionaries

We love these fine missionaries. We heard some powerful testimonies and experiences about serving with all your heart, might, mind and strength until the very last day of your mission. We wish them all the best in the next phase of their busy lives.
               (L-R) Elder Harrison, Elder Merrill, Sister Malama, Elder Lonzaneda, and Elder Beckstrom
                                                       President & Sister Monahan with our October departing missionaries

                                                                  Elder Merrill                                  Elder Merrill's shoes!

                                                              Sister Malama                                         Elder Lonzaneda

                                                                Elder Beckstrom                                      Elder Harrison

                                                                   Elder Merrill                          Sister Malama & Sister Monahan

                                                                 Waiting for their exit interviews with President Monahan

                                                                                    A few more words..... and smiles

Getting ready for our testimony meeting....we will miss Elder Merrill's piano accompaniment

Sister Mortensen, mission secretary, gives them info about what they will receive in their "going home" packets.  Then we have a nice lunch.

The current and former Assistants and office elders get together one last time, while Sister Malama shows us her "Three Words" for our Mission's upcoming video, "My Three Words."   (Stay tuned...)

One last trip down the long driveway past the church.  On our way to the bus station, we see rice drying on the sides of the road.

      This is it......

                                                                               Boarding the bus to Cubao (Manila)
                                               A little contemplation..... then my last vision of these wonderful missionaries!!

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